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The Art of Attracting Premier Office Tenants

Attracting Quality Office Tenants
Cynthia Cline
Cynthia Cline
May 3, 2024

In today's challenging and competitive commercial real estate environment, attracting high-quality tenants takes more than functional office space. The approach to leasing space to top-tier clients requires attention to the art of combining functionality with innovation, sustainability, flexibility, and many other factors in the market’s evolving environment. Successfully luring top tenants requires a strategic vision and attention to the details that premier tenants want and need.

A multifaceted approach to finding quality office tenants can elevate a property into a coveted location for discerning companies. Take the right steps to cultivate an environment that meets and exceeds the needs of today’s premier commercial tenants with the following insights.

What Do Premier Tenants Look Like?

Coorporate team at their office

In leasing commercial office space, premier tenants are often reputable companies or high-profile businesses that occupy a significant amount of space in an office complex. They might be sought after due to their financial strength, stability, or well-known status, attracting other desirable tenants and potential customers.

 Landlords often seek out these tenants, and property owners and investors also find them attractive choices for obvious reasons. Premier tenants are often larger corporations that enhance a commercial property's overall marketability and prestige. Because of their perceived value, these tenants can often negotiate favorable terms and conditions for their lease.

Why Attracting Them Matters

While it might sound like premier tenants are prima donnas who expect lower lease rates and other concessions, they bring several benefits to the property that pay dividends to the property owner and investors. These benefits can enhance the profitability and long-term success of the commercial project. Some key benefits include the following:

  1. Improved financial stability: These tenants are more likely to pay rent on time and consistently because they are more established and financially stable. This income stream can stabilize the office complex’s overall cash flow.
  2. Enhanced property value: The presence of premier tenants can improve the building’s desirability and reputation and appeal to potential investors and tenants, attracting higher rents and additional capital.
  3. Reduced turnover: Premier tenants often enter into longer-term leases, which increases operational stability and reduces vacancy risk. It also minimized the costs and other burdens of frequent turnover for landlords.
  4. Lower marketing costs: Having premier tenants in the building brings prestige and credibility, which is free marketing to attract additional desirable tenants.
  5. Benefits for surrounding businesses: When premier tenants move into the building, foot traffic increases, and other businesses often follow. These changes enhance the commercial ecosystem for other local businesses and contribute to a more vibrant local economy.
  6. Improved negotiating power: When a landlord has premier tenants, they may experience improved negotiating power with service providers, lenders, and insurers.

Where the “Art” Comes In

Attracting desirable, premium tenants involves more than a set of straightforward steps. There is an art to understanding the needs that matter to each potential tenant and finding compelling ways to meet those needs. But where to start? Consider the following nuances that can help find quality office tenants:

Tailoring Amenities

Office coffee machines

Matching premium tenants' preferences and needs can include building a state-of-the-art fitness center with dedicated concierge services, dry cleaners, and on-site dining with gourmet food options.

Providing Innovative Design Features

Premier tenants often want and will pay for functional yet inspiring workspaces that incorporate the latest elements in cutting-edge office design. Options include advanced technology infrastructure, flexible office and workstation layouts, and sustainable building and lighting features.

Engaging the Community

In larger commercial office projects with multiple tenants, consider hosting events for the campus to foster a sense of community. Networking events and workshops can encourage tenant collaboration, and social gatherings can also increase interaction.

Branding and Marketing

Commercial properties can benefit from establishing a strong brand identity and using targeted marketing campaigns to attract premier tenants. Use effective marketing strategies and information that showcase the property’s unique value proposition and offerings.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service person on the phone

Provide responsive property management and top-notch customer service that addresses tenant needs promptly and effectively and creates a seamless leasing experience.

7 Tips to Attract High-Quality Office Tenants

In the quest to find quality office tenants, it is easy to get sidetracked by initiatives needing the desired payoff. Take heart, though; statistics show that added amenities, while increasing costs, can pay back in terms of tenant retention, improved rents, and increased equity. It helps to remain focused on time-tested strategies and take a multi-pronged approach to increase the likelihood of success.

Modern office spaces strive to create a place where employees can work and relax together, with design features that provide the ability to do so. Today's office spaces do not just provide a place to work; they create an experience where optimal work can happen.

Remember that one feature high-quality tenants look for is an office complex in a prime location, with prestige and proximity to key business districts, transportation, and amenities. Office areas that do not meet these criteria may need to invest more effort into some of the other strategies below to remain competitive.

Industrial office design

1. Offer customizable spaces. This can translate into flexible leasing options for certain tenants and office spaces that tenants can tailor to their unique office environment. Features may include an open-plan layout with movable partitions that allow for space adaptability and team collaboration, IoT devices, digital signage, writable walls, and other options, depending on the type of business.

2. Include state-of-the-art technology and luxurious or upgraded amenities. Ensure buildings cater to the needs of tech-savvy modern businesses by providing high-speed internet, advanced communication tools, and smart building systems. To add luxury and upgrades to existing amenities, offer options such as private lounges, conference facilities that tenants can book through an online interface, and complimentary guest wifi. Consider additional services such as package handling and valet parking, depending on tenant needs.

3. Implement sustainable practices. Showcase the property’s commitment to sustainability by implementing eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable building practices. These strategies minimize environmental impacts and attract environmentally conscious tenants while aligning with corporate goals for social responsibility. Consider green roofs and rain gardens, which can improve building insulation and manage stormwater runoff.

Stormwater maintenance initiatives, for example, can enhance the property’s sustainable footprint. These strategies include enhancing outdoor areas with permeable pavement, rain gardens, and retention ponds to keep stormwater on site and allow it to soak into the ground instead of running off the property, carrying pollutants into local waterways. These methods can provide cost-savings over the long term, enhance the grounds’ aesthetic appeal, and support biodiversity.

4. Design and maintain engaging and appealing common areas. Invest in installing and maintaining professional landscaping—update signage for the property to improve building visibility and aesthetics. Upgrade interior signage simultaneously to maintain a cohesive look for the property. Improve parking lots by repaving or repairing cracks in paved surfaces and repainting lines. Redefine working spaces by bringing work areas outside with attractively designed common area features such as outdoor terraces, hubs for co-working, and spaces that can be used for various events. These areas can increase collaboration and interaction among tenants, which creates a vibrant camaraderie and sense of community on the property.

Security cameras

5. Prioritize security and privacy. Include access control systems for office areas and integrate them with additional security features such as cameras, mirrors, and an alarm system. Consider also securing the parking areas so tenants feel they can operate in a safe, secure office environment that protects their assets and privacy.

6. Engage a professional property management team. Install a dedicated and experienced property management team that will provide proactive property maintenance and responsive assistance when tenants request it. The team must operate efficiently and professionally to maintain smooth operations. Promptly addressing tenant needs and maintaining high service and satisfaction levels are crucial to retaining premier tenants.

7. Differentiate the property from competitors. Make the most of first impressions by upgrading the exterior of office buildings and common areas. Replace outdated or worn-looking doors and windows with new and attractive options to reduce energy costs and update building appearances. This will more effectively maintain interior temperatures and cut energy bills.

Invest in Actions that Attract Quality Tenants

Securing premier tenants requires a nuanced and tailored approach beyond simple functionality to find quality office tenants in a dynamic, competitive commercial real estate market. Creating spaces that cater to the ever-changing needs of top-tier lessees calls for strategies that blend the facets of innovation, sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and much more. Every action plays a part in creating the type of office property that becomes a sought-after location for discerning tenants.

Putting the needs of these tenants first pays off in several ways, including reduced turnover, lower marketing costs, and increased property value. The resources invested in providing top-notch customer service, experienced property management, and sustainable practices are all part of attracting and retaining highly desirable clients.

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