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The Definitive Guide to an Affordable
(and Stress-Free) Stormwater Inspection

Is your stormwater system up to snuff? Download the free guide to find out.

Stormwater Drainage Service that Guarantees Compliance and Protects Your Property
Tired of unexpected

Maintenance Costs?

You have enough on your plate juggling the needs of your property and tenants. You don’t need the stress of flooding catch basins, unbudgeted maintenance expenses, or environmental liabilities. You need a worry-free way to keep your system clean and maintained.

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7 Steps to Stormwater Compliance
Eliminate unexpected maintenance costs.
Stay in compliance. Protect the environment.

Say goodbye to the stress of reacting to drainage problems as they occur. CatchAll Environmental provides a comprehensive program for stormwater system cleaning in Seattle, WA, and stormwater system maintenance in Seattle, WA, and throughout the Puget Sound area, that puts compliance on autopilot and makes you an environmental hero.

Comprehensive Stormwater Management Solution
"Polluted stormwater runoff is the number one source of toxic pollution to Puget Sound and surrounding waterways."
- pugetsoundkeeper.org
How It Works

Ready for your stormwater worries to be water under the bridge?

Step 1
We’ll inspect your system

The CatchAll team of experts will assess your stormwater structures, creating a detailed map of the entire system. We want you to feel confident that you understand exactly what’s going on
– even if you can’t see it. 

Step 2
Get recommendations

Stormwater systems aren’t one size fits all, and neither are our solutions. We provide a Storm System Maintenance Proposal complete with recommendations for short-term and long-term system maintenance.

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Step 3
Never worry again

You can count on good communication. We’ll keep you in the loop, and we’ll communicate to municipalities on your behalf. We make sure you have what’s needed going forward to keep your system in compliance. 

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The CatchAll Promise
Drainage with leaves
✔ We don’t invent problems

The other guys will clean your entire system and charge you after the fact, leaving you with fees you didn’t anticipate. Before we begin, our certified inspector will inspect your entire system. We’ll show you exactly what’s going on, where the problems lie and what needs to be done to fix it to prevent flooding and municipal fines. You get a clear project scope and a fixed price. We also provide an affordable, common-sense program for stormwater system maintenance in Seattle, WA, and throughout the Puget Sound area so you'll stay in compliance.

service worker and the storm drain
✔ We have your back

You have enough on your plate. Let us worry about keeping your system safe and functioning efficiently with professional stormwater system cleaning in Seattle, WA, and throughout the Puget Sound area. After your service, we’ll provide a maintenance certificate to your municipality stating that your system is in compliance. You’ll never have to guess again about who to call and if you have to pay fines. Your stormwater system will be one thing that you can hand off to us and mark off your to-do list for good. It’s like putting compliance on autopilot.

Inspector communicating
✔ You will never be in the dark

Proactive communication is key. We communicate when we will be inspecting and servicing your system.  We communicate when the service has been completed. We communicate with the municipal inspector on your behalf. We provide a maintenance certificate for your files. We submit all required reports to the municipality and let you know we did. We guarantee you will pass a municipal inspection. We provide a client Web Portal containing all the maintenance and reporting history that you can access anytime you want.  

You will never need to worry about anything ever getting dropped again. 

“CatchAll Environmental is instrumental in helping us meet all our objectives. They provide timely, economical solutions—truly a one-stop-shop for our stormwater maintenance program.”
— Daryl Mills, Maintenance Purchasing Coordinator
The CatchAll Story

We founded CatchAll Environmental to provide property owners and managers with comprehensive and affordable stormwater maintenance services. This empowers them to keep their systems in compliance and functioning as designed.  In our book, this also makes them environmental heroes! 

With CatchAll, you can expect
Price Tag
Environmental Friendly
Improving the Environment

Stop stressing about what might happen with the system you can’t even see.
Call CatchAll to help demystify your stormwater system and make you an environmental hero.

Catchall Guide
The Definitive Guide to an Affordable (and Stress-Free) Stormwater Inspection

Is your stormwater system up to snuff? Download the free guide to find out.