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Stormwater Vault Maintenance
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Our Stormwater Vault Maintenance Services offer a holistic approach to maintaining the effectiveness and longevity of your stormwater system. Initially, the service includes a detailed inspection to assess the vault's sediment levels and structural integrity. This inspection also reviews the functionality of critical components such as inlet and outlet pipes, pumps, and float switches. This step is crucial to identify any potential issues that could compromise the system's efficiency.

Post-inspection, our focus shifts to the removal of debris and sediment. This step is vital in preserving the vault's capacity and preventing blockages that can disrupt the system's operation. Alongside this, we conduct thorough servicing and repair of mechanical components, ensuring that any worn or damaged parts are promptly replaced. Additionally, we perform water quality testing to detect pollutants, aligning with environmental compliance standards. Our team prioritizes safety and strict protocol adherence to guarantee a secure work environment. Municipal stormwater system compliance is central to all we do, and we guarantee compliance for work completed on stormwater vaults.

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Expert stormwater vault maintenance near Bellevue, WA | Photo of a technician performning stormwater vault maintenance.
Stormwater Vault Maintenance Process
Inspection icon
  • Check for structural integrity, looking for cracks or damage.
  • Measure sediment levels
  • Inspect the inlet and outlet pipes for blockages or damage.
  • Assess the condition of pumps, float switches, and other mechanical components.
Debris and Sediment Removal
  • Remove debris like leaves, trash, and branches.
  • Clear sediment buildup from the bottom of the vault.
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Component Maintenance
  • Service and repair mechanical components like shear gates and chains.
  • Replace worn or damaged components.
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Water Quality Testing
  • Collect water samples to test for pollutants.
  • Adjust treatment methods based on test results.
Documentation and Reporting
  • Document findings and actions taken.
  • Report any major issues or repairs needed.
  • Send maintenance certificate to client and to the local municipality.
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Safety Measures
  • Follow safety protocols throughout the process.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
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Wet Vault Cleaning Services

Our Wet Vault Cleaning Services are specifically tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of maintaining wet vaults, which are essential for effective stormwater management. The process begins with a strong emphasis on safety. We ensure the work area is securely prepared and our professionals are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment, adhering to the highest safety standards. Depending on the specific needs of the task, we may adjust the water levels within the vault to facilitate better access for cleaning. This step is crucial for ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

We use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment, such as pumps and vacuums, for effective sediment removal. This process is conducted with a keen focus on environmental responsibility, ensuring all removed materials are disposed of in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Our team meticulously clears both floating and submerged debris to enhance the operational efficiency of the vault. A detailed post-cleaning inspection is conducted to verify that the vault is clean, fully functional, and free from structural damage. To complete our service, we provide a comprehensive report documenting every aspect of the cleaning process. This includes detailed information on the quantity and type of debris and sediment removed and any pertinent observations about the vault's condition. Our thorough approach ensures that your wet vault is maintained in prime condition, which is vital to your overall stormwater management strategy.

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Expert stormwater vault maintenance near Bellevue, WA - Image of a stormwater expert during the cleaning
Wet Vault Cleaning Process
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Safety Precautions
  • Ensure the area is secure and safe for entry.
  • Wear appropriate PPE, like gloves and waterproof gear.
Water waves icon
Water Level Management
  • If necessary, lower the water level for easier access to sediments.
Sediment Removal
  • Use pumps, vacuums, or other equipment to remove sediment from the bottom.
  • Dispose of the sediment according to environmental regulations.
Debris Removal
  • Manually or mechanically remove floating and submerged debris.
Inspection icon
Inspection and Minor Maintenance
  • Inspect for damage or wear.
  • Perform minor repairs or note them for future action.
Reporting icon
  • Record the amount of debris and sediment removed.
  • Note any observations about the vault's condition.
  • Submit all compliance paperwork to the municipality on your behalf.
Post-Cleaning Inspection
  • Ensure the vault is clean and functional.
  • Check that pumps and other equipment are working correctly after cleaning.
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